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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Legal Drama TV Series

Legal drama TV series have been a favorite among viewers for decades. The combination of compelling courtroom battles, complex characters, and intense plotlines make for riveting television. Whether you`re a law enthusiast or simply enjoy a good courtroom drama, there`s a legal TV series out there for you. In this article, we`ll explore some of the best legal drama TV series that have captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

Top Legal Drama TV Series

TV Series Year IMDb Rating
Suits 2011 8.5
Law & Order 1990 7.7
How to Get Away with Murder 2014 8.1
The Good Wife 2009 8.3
Boston Legal 2004 8.4

These series have stood the test of time and continue to captivate audiences with their gripping storylines and talented cast. Now let`s delve into what makes each of these legal drama TV series so compelling.


Suits follows the lives of a talented college dropout and a brilliant college-graduate lawyer who solve law cases. The show is for its dialogue and legal battles, making a for fans the genre.

Law & Order

As one the legal TV series, Law & Order has its in television. The unique featuring police and legal has set apart from legal TV series.

How to Get Away with Murder

This series follows law and students as become in murder. With its plot and performances, How to Get Away with Murder has kept on edge their.

The Good Wife

The Good offers portrayal the world through eyes a wife who to her as a attorney. The show has critical for its depiction the system and characters.

Boston Legal

Known for humor and courtroom scenes, Boston Legal has a fan over the years. The has been for writing and performances by lead actors.

Whether a of courtroom or character-driven these legal TV series offer for everyone. Their and cast, continue audiences worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions about Best Legal Drama TV Series

Question Answer
1. Which legal drama TV series is considered the best of all time? Well, hard to the of “Law & Order.” gripping and drama have the for legal TV series.
2. Is “Suits” a realistic portrayal of the legal profession? As as love drama of “Suits,” does some in its of lawyers. But hey, that`s what makes it entertaining!
3. What sets “The Good Wife” apart from other legal dramas? “The Good Wife” is for its characters and legal cases. It`s above rest in of and development.
4. Is “Better Call Saul” worth watching for legal enthusiasts? Absolutely! “Better Call Saul” offers perspective the world, with focus the nature of law.
5. What makes “Boston Legal” a standout among legal TV series? The sharp humor and sharp legal minds of “Boston Legal” make it a standout. Plus, the chemistry between the characters is simply addictive.
6. Are there any legal dramas that focus on corporate law? If you`re into the world of corporate law, “The Good Fight” is a must-watch. Exploration power and battles in corporate is riveting.
7. Which legal TV series offers the most accurate portrayal of courtroom proceedings? For realistic at courtroom “The Practice” is acclaimed. It portrays process and challenges by attorneys.
8. What makes “How to Get Away with Murder” a compelling legal drama? “How to Get Away with Murder” stands out for its intense plot twists and the focus on criminal law. Keeps on of with storytelling.
9. Are there any legal TV series that delve into the ethical dilemmas faced by lawyers? Look no than “Damages” for dive into ethical of legal profession. Its exploration of moral gray areas is both thought-provoking and thrilling.
10. Which legal drama TV series is a must-watch for aspiring lawyers? For aspiring lawyers, “Ally McBeal” is a must-watch. Blend of cases and drama offers unique on legal world.


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